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Why Scuba Divers love Cuba

Why Dive in Cuba?

To many people in Asia, Cuba remains as an exotic destination and many are fascinated by stories and photos of pristine coral reefs. The reefs in Cuba are some of the world's healthiest owing to the absence of human development and awareness that the reefs need to be left un-disturbed.

As the country opens itself up, researchers are already flocking there - doing extensive studies of marine life there. Today, the race is on to converse and protect Cuba's spectacular reefs. A new kind of approach is needed for emerging economies to ensure economic growth does not affect one of the last bastions of pristine reefs.

After all, many have already witness the effect of human development in the South China Sea - the destruction of pristine corals on Spratly Islands as well as the historical nuclear test site at Bikini Atoll - all in the name of defence.

The good news is, many people are keen and interested in defending Earth's coral reefs today. The multitude of conservation programs continue to play a huge role in protecting the reefs.

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