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How To Select A Good Scuba / Technical Diving Instructor to teach and guide you through all your best years of your Scuba diving learning journey...

Mr Ben Capitaine is one of the top best of Scuba diving/ Technical Diving instructors that most students are willing to pay for his teaching/coaching expertise, trust, be inspired to undergo training for and with... You don't demonstrate that you are super high level or professional or even being a Course Director... Your level of work, professionalism and service attitude overrides and show everything that is what a student will be looking at... Such as which, even if you ask me to pay top $ to engage him again as my Technical Diving Instructor, if I have the means and $, why not?

Instructors can have high expectations of their students but their instructor/s also have to demonstrate their capabilities, knowledge, understanding and expertise and best of all, getting to know in depth of their student customers, addressing their concerns, needs and wants.

How To Select A Good Scuba / Technical Diving Instructor to teach and guide you through all your best years of your Scuba diving learning journey... 

Some people have asked us how to differentiate between a good teacher or a sub standard/ snobbish/ proud and complacent one... 

Sharing with all, our past years of experiences in the selection and the engaging of our Scuba diving instructors here. Its not just about the pricing of course, its way more beyond that, and that's the extra mile that students are in search for. 

Of course, then you should be the best student so that not to give headaches to your coaching instructors. :)

When Mr Ben Capitaine personally deliveries his email replies to us upon us sending our enquiries over via email, before we started our tech diving course/s learning journey with him, he has shown that in his email reply, he has no "air" in him, doesn't spoil the market, mark up his pricing policies for the technical diving course training he offers, understand what the potential student customers wants, needs, then he caters his timing schedule itinerary, drafted a proposal itinerary for the training dates and time, to try to fit into his customer's trip over to Phuket dates and time schedule. On top of that, he picks up his students from the airport to the accomodation stay and to the place of the training as well. 

And throughout all the email communications, he has never shown to be frustrated at all, very patient in his replies, he can deliver his knowledge, expertise and what he knows best, what he can impart to his potential student/s if should you go training with him for a particular Technical Scuba diving course. Very attentive to what his students have and need for all the technical dive gear, wear and equipments required. Personally even carried the twin set tanks, together with Kevin onto the dive yacht boat before our dive trips, and the boat man/crews, others on same boat all knows him so well... 

And during our dives theory/ practical training with him, he is very professional, answers to all our queries and never once shown his temperamental side of him, and we both know sometimes we might not be those students whom are easy going... Very patient and strict in guidance teaching. Serious during training but fun loving while taking short breaks in between. Very safety conscious for his students and always look out on the welfare and safety of his students underwater.... Friendly and nice guy. So, if you are selecting your Scuba diving instructor to teach or guide you, be sure to select an instructor like him ! 

Kevin and I will like to thank Mr Ben Capitaine - CMAS 2* instructor, Technical Scuba diving instructor for teaching us the basics entry level training and knowledge of how a student should start upon his/her Technical Diving course and highly recommend him to be your Technical Diving Instructor should you start your Intro to Technical Diving Course. Plenty of awesome, professional and humble Technical Diving Instructors in the market, and one of them is him. 

Benoit Capitaine is a CMAS 2* instructor since 1994, a PADI instructor since 1998 who assists Course Directors and teach all the PADI Tec courses, as well as a TDI Instructor Trainer and SDI Instructor Evaluator. He has also been credited by NAUI and SSI as instructor, bringing over 20 years of experience in teaching scuba diving to all levels around the globe. He is now the main technical dive instructor at Oceanzonedivers and partnered with one of the most successfull and longest active PADI Course Director on Phuket. Together they offer training to all range of courses and organizations, from beginner to 100m+ CCR cave explorers.

Our Intro to TDI Tech, Advance Nitrox, Decompression and Procedures Dive Course and Certification Completion @ Ocean Zone Divers Dive Center, in Phuket, Thailand on 4th September 2017.

#OneOfAwesomeTechnicalScubaDivingInstructorsInMarket #OceanZoneDiversPhuket

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