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Welcome to SamudraVisions !

Plenty of scuba divers love watching videos of dive sites, and recently we have shared way too much photos of all the most popular dive sites in Bali. 

Didn't we mentioned that we have really travelled, scuba dived at so many dive sites @ Bali. Seriously, no joke, Scuba diving at so many areas within 2 weeks of holidays. Really clock up a lot of practices in between...

Didn't have good pics UW here but we are sharing the video and music production of to all. 

Pretty neat video music production they have here! :) 

Our Pleasure to know them :)

Scuba diving around Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.
These islands are located at the south-east of Bali (Indonesia) and both offer some truly exciting diving! 

In this HD film you'll see the following areas and dive sites:

Lembongan and Ceningan sightseeing 0:10
Crystal Bay 3:14
Toyapakeh 10:29
PED Point 16:19
Mangrove Point 20:58
Mangrove Forest 28:05
Manta Point 32:20
Buyuk Point 34:12
SD Point 37:48
Sental Point 43:54

The dive sites around Penida and Lembongan are one of the most populair dive sites in Bali, and for good reason! The underwater life is very diverse and you will find beautiful coral gardens. The visibility is normally very good.

Lembongan can be easily reached by a 30 minute fast boat trip that departs from Sanur. The island is not as crowded as Bali, in fact Lembongan is even pretty authentic and I hope it stays that way.

Besides diving, it is also nice to use a scooter to explore the islands. The Island Ceningan which lies between Penida and Lembongan is also very beautiful. And in the north-east of Lembongan there is a mangrove forest where you can make a nice trip in a traditional canoe. You will also see shots from this trip in the video.

Crystal Bay is a small inlet on the westernmost end of Nusa Penida with a wonderful array of soft corals and sheltered from the stronger currents outside the bay.

Toyapakeh is located at the entrance of the narrow channel between Penida and Nusa Lembongan Bali. The water is always very clear and the corals are beautiful!

Pura PED Point is located at the north of Nusa Penida. Its named after the temple on the shore of the Peed village, apart from that on this beach was put the concrete wall to protect the beach from erosion. The slope is bit steeper than SD Point, but with similar coral.

Mangrove Point lies in the North East of Nusa lembongan. It's named after it's location, it lies right at the Mangrove Area.

The Mangrove Forest can be found in the northeast corner of Nusa Lembongan. You can make tours here in a traditional dugout canoe.

Manta Point is probably one of the most populair dive sites around Nusa Penida. It can be found at the south-west of Nusa Penida. Quess what you kind find here...;)

Buyuk is a sloping reef at the nort east coast of Nusa Penida. The huge barrel sponges and long whip corals, are good indicators that strong currents are evident.

SD Point lies at the North Coast of Nusa Penida and is named after the primary school Sekolah Dasar that lies just opposite the dive site. Here you find large coral bommies and massive fields of branching coral, both hard and soft corals. This beautiful coral garden is home to a wide variety of fish.

Sental Point can be found on the North side of Nusa Penida. As well as the close-lying dive-sites Nusa Penida SD, Ped, Buyuk and Kutapang, Sental Point starts with a shallow reef ceiling which drops off at a 45° angle to extreme depths at 10 metres.

All the music in this video is composed and produced by SamudraVisions. Enjoy the magical and enchanting trip to the relaxing underwater world and the musical adventure!

Welcome to SamudraVisions! 

I'm a composer of electronic music, filmer and editor of underwater videos and nature photographer. 

Based in the netherlands I specialise myself as composer for original underwater video music.

On this website you can watch videos and pictures of the magnificent underwater world and other scenes 
of nature, and listen to the music that I produce for these videos. 

Inspired by the wonderful underwater world, nature and life, I always try to get the best inspiration from whatever surrounds me. 

All the music can be downloaded on my bandcamp page. 

The website is intended to grow, since there are many places I need to discover. 

I will update the site every time I finish new videos and music. 

Enjoy the magical and enchanting trip to the relaxing underwater world and the musical adventure! 

For more underwater videos, pictures and music visit:

Download my music at:

Please subscribe to my youtube channel!

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