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New Dive Medical Form For Recreational Divers To Complete (PADI)

New diver medical is now available. 

Recreational divers are required to download, print, complete and submit the form to your dive guide/ instructor before proceeding on with the dive trip. 

Please Register and sign in into your PADI pro account and click the link below.

Approved by UHMS, WRSTC, RSTC and DAN 

Webpage Link @

Disclaimer :

Dive, Medical Form/ Questionaire 

This DM form has to be consistent through entire Diving industry for best practices, haven't include the PDPA clause to protect privacy and confidentiality personal data for each individual scuba diver, and whether does this DM form applies to or should all divers regardless of their dive status, dive certification levels or for tourism dive trips purposes, complete this DM form before they embark on their diving trips.

We know that divers can get confused or start to ask questions about it which can be reduced to bare minimum. 

Best practices top diving excellent standards should apply and comply across all dive agencies, companies, institutions, community and constituencies.

There will be much new revisions and changes lately to administrative aspects, disinfecting, health components, climate environmental changes on future impeding diving forms, but all these is due for the safety, and adhere to policies and protocols for each scuba diver with regards to the country's own laws and regulations polices. Which is very important and is relevant.

The Scuba, Free diving and Technical Diving industry from all agencies, companies and institutions should be looking into this, more updates should be coming forth later from them after a round table of discussion and finalised conclusions, decision setting and making.

The old medical form from PADI is also applicable and for use, but we suggest consistency and professionalism throughout.

Thank you to Mr Paul Tosh Tanner for sharing this DM form/questionaire.

Appreciate PADI and all others relevant involved in this administrative form change, be it due to virus pandemic outbreak or not.

Thanks very much and good effort in the making.

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