Dive into the Seas and Oceans

 We are young, passionate in marine conservation, scuba diving, quite new to scuba diving industry. If anyone will like to comment or judge by saying we have no Credentials, or Tour or Scuba Diving Experiences to start and lead Travelgowhere and Scubareefing blog portal, please see our PADI Dive Certifications onsite and our photo albums with the tour, hotels, resorts and dive center operators, for our Credibility and Testimonials… :)

 Starting from the Most Recent Travel and Scuba Diving Activity early March 2018 this year… 

And the list carries on, we are still in midst of our exploration travels and scuba dive tours to US regions, etc…

 Countries we have Travelled to and Scuba Dive at the waters of islands @ SEA / Asia Pacific Regions :

 Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Mauritius, China, Australia, Japan and more to come… 

 Land Tour and Scuba Diving Trip Experiences (Started Scuba Diving 5 Years Ago) : 

 • Boracay Fun Diving Experience, Philippines on 25th July 2013
   - Gotten our Open Water Theory and Practical Diving Course and Certification Completion @ Milk’s Dive Center, Philippines

 • Dive @ Sapi Islands,Sabah Malaysia on 16th February, 2014

 • Advance Open Water Theory and Practical Course and Certification Completion with Diverse Borneo Dive Center. 
   @ Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia On 16th February, 2014

 • EANx Computer Dive Stimulator, Enriched Air Diver Theory, Practical Course and Certification Completion in Singapore, 
    with Deep Blue Scuba Dive Center on 26th June, 2014. 

 • Diving @ Maldives on 24th July, 2014

 • Rescue Diver Theory and Practical Course and Certification Completion 
    - Dive Trip To Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand On 4th September, 2014. 

 • Dive @ Gili Trawangan, Indonesia on 14th February, 2015

 • Fun Dives @ Yalong Bay, Sanya, China on 24th May 2015

 • St John’s island, Lazarus island and Kusu Island Diving trip in Singapore on 1st November 2014

 • Blue Cave Dive @ Okinawa, Japan On 7th September, 2015

 • Diving at Pulau Hantu, Singapore, 16th September, 2015

 • Grand Opening And Diving @ Sisters Island Marine Park, Singapore on 8th November, 2015

 • Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia on 10th December 2015

 • Dive Trip At Vietnam, Nha Trang Marine Park on 8th February 2016

 • Diving @ Oil Rig in Miri Waters, Malaysia - 3rd September, 2016 (Oil Rig and Wrecks Dives)

 • Lagoi Bay, Bintan, Indonesia on 17th December 2016

 • Bali Diving on 15th January 2017

 • Mauritius Snorkeling At Blue Bay Marine Park Area on 30th April 2017

 • The Cathedral Dive Site (Cave and Cavern Diving) - Mauritius on 30th April 2017

 • Intro to TDI Tech, Advance Nitrox, Decompression and Procedures Dive Course and Certification Completion 
   @ Ocean Zone Divers Dive Center, in Phuket, Thailand on 4th September 2017.

 • Scuba Dive Trip @ S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore on 16th September, 2017

 • Krakoatoa Island Hiking, Snorkelling and Diving Trips in Indonesia on 8th January, 2018 
    (Under the sea, Volcanic Black Sand Bubbling activity)

 • Scuba Dive Trip @ Padang Indonesia - Bob's Island or Pulau Sinjaru/Pulau Sinyaru on 12th February 2018

 • Snorkeling Trip @ Sikuai and Pagang Islands - Padang Indonesia on 12th February 2018

 • Intertidal Walk around Big Sisters Island, Singapore on 27th February 2018  

 • Snorkeling or Scuba diving around the ECP, Singapore on 6th March 2018  

 • Popular Wreck Dive Sites @ Perhentians Island, Malaysia on 26th March 2018  

 • Snorkelling & Scuba Diving @ Pangkor Island, Malaysia on 15th June 2018