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Fish Rock Cave, South West Rocks, NSW

Dive Resort, Australia, New South Whales

Australian waters are home to some of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse underwater environments on earth. From shipwrecks and caves, to living coral reefs teeming with brilliantly coloured sea life, discover what makes the diving so unique.


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The Wreck Of The SS Yongala - Ayr, Queensland

Dive Center, Australia, Queensland

The sea life that gathers here is the definition of supersized and there's a fascinating and somewhat ghostly history to be discovered underwater.


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Rye Pier - Victoria

Dive Resort, Australia, Rye, Victoria

The site also offers a range of species often alien to those accustomed to tropical water marine life.


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Osprey Reef - Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Dive Resort, Australia, Queensland

Although there are extra costs involved compared to other dive sites, you are rewarded with arguably the best diving on offer at the GBR. Why? Three main reasons: large schools of pelagic fish, startling 40-metre-plus visibility and no shortage of shark action, of course.


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Kangaroo Island - South Australia

Dive Center, Australia, Kangaroo Island

However, the real attraction for divers is the leafy seadragon, a relative of the seahorse. These intriguing creatures are only found in Australia’s southern waters. They are notoriously shy and particularly well camouflaged, but you can employ the services of the local dive guides who are experts at finding them.


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Mt Gambier, South Australia

Liveaboard, Australia

Once divers enter the cave system, limestone-filtered water provides astounding blue-tinged underwater visibility, often greater than 40 metres. The white limestone walls are covered in bright green algae and are home to a variety of animals and plants including large crayfish, mussels and shrimp.


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Ex-HMAS Brisbane - Mooloolooba, Queensland

Liveaboard, Australia

Access to the site is via local dive operators who specialise in guiding divers through the wreck and pointing out some of its most impressive features.


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