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Explore Scuba Diving @ Myanmar Dive Sites

Dive Resort, Myanmar

Unexplored Myanmar already has a plethora of dive sites with more just waiting to be discovered. The currently mapped sites are spread out mostly up and down the southwest coast which is home to the Mergui Archipelago. Further west of the archipelago, lie a series of open ocean dive sites which feature larger marine life. Whatever your dive experience, you are sure to find a site to satisfy the explorer in you. With more than 800 islands, Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago is home to some of southeast Asia’s best diving. While the south area of the archipelago has recently suffered from overfishing and shark finning, the northern half remains untouched. Dive masters are still discovering everything the area has to offer, but you can expect healthy corals, schools of devil rays and the occasional whale or nurse shark. Tahe small stuff is turning heads too. Frogfish, lobsters, crabs and colorful shrimp create a macro-lover’s dream. Further west of the Mergui Archipelago, sites like the Burma Banks offer a different picture of what Myanmar has on offer. What may look like small 49 foot (15 meter), flat-top mountains on the surface, are actually giant mountains that plunge 1000 feet (300 meters) to the sea floor. Shark sightings are all but guaranteed on these open ocean dives. Nurse sharks are frequently seen with a few reef sharks thrown in here and there. Burma Banks is definitely the place to go if you love to see pelagic species.


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