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4D3N : Dive Trip At Vietnam,Nha Trang Marine Park

Dive Center, Vietnam, Nha Trang Marine Park

The many off-shore islands enhance the serenity of the coastal waters and make for a great day out.

From Sgd $1000/person

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Full-Day Scuba Diving in Cham Island from Da Nang

Dive Center, Vietnam

Cruise around the islands and dive in to discover the underwater wonders on this full-day tour from Da Nang. Tour is suitable for complete beginners and includes lunch and hotel transfers.


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6D5N - Son Doong Cave Expedition Tour

Dive Center, Vietnam

About the diving expedition in Son Doong Cave to explore and learn about the connection between Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave and Hang Thung, a huge cave that found in 1994. This is a 600-meter cave diving expedition in the underground river inside Son Doong Cave, which never been done or researched before, which means that the obstacles in the expedition are difficult to identify. There is no accurate information or the confirmation of the connection between Son Doong Cave and Hang Thung Cave until the diving expedition is completed with the final result. However, with all of the experiences the cave diving team had before; together with the professional porter team to help carry specialized equipment into the cave; the possibility of proving the connection between these caves, with positive results, is quite high. There will surely be many interesting things under the water. The cave is thought to be around three million years old and almost 5km long. Hang Thung, Vietnam - A new cave with stalactites system , natural stone water colors on attractive Bach Ngoc commune , Vi Xuyen.


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