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Full-Day Scuba Diving in Cham Island from Da Nang

Dive Center, Vietnam

Cruise around the islands and dive in to discover the underwater wonders on this full-day tour from Da Nang. Tour is suitable for complete beginners and includes lunch and hotel transfers.


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Dive Trip at Lazarus Island / Pulau Seringat

Dive Center, Singapore

For local diving there are no dive guides because Singapore is best dived in small groups of two to three people. Bring your buddy. If your buddy can’t make it, no worries there will be someone there for you to dive with. Dive guides can be arranged but subjected to availability and additional payment.


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Pulau Semakau Field Trip

Shore Diving, Singapore

How do you get to Pulau Semakau? The only way to get to the island is with a permit from the National Environment Agency (NEA). Don't worry, though. Applying for one isn't tough. You'll first need to book one of two tours: the landfill tour, run by the NEA, or the intertidal walk, organised by nature societies such as The Nature Workshop. Let us do the booking for you.


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3D2N : Diving At Tioman

Dive Resort, Tioman, Malaysia

Diving here offers a wide range of sites from sheltered bays to volcanic rocky outcrops and pinnacles. The waters around Tioman also harbour several wrecks and a extensive array of marine life to satisfy any scuba diver.

From Sgd $500/person

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3D2N : Diving at Redang

Dive Resort, Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang is the biggest of all the islands in the Marine Park, measuring about 7 km long and 6 km wide.

From Sgd $600/person

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3D2N : Diving at Riau Islands

Liveaboard, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Travel with style and comfort with MV Nautica. Dive Southern Riau Island like never before, on a relaxed liveaboard experience.


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Scuba Dive Site @ Padang And Pulau Weh - Sumatra

Dive Resort, Indonesia

For lovers of the sun and sea, Sumatra has much to offer. Pulau Weh at the northern tip of the island offers spectacular scuba diving. The west coast of Sumatra is a popular surfing destination. Those who prefer resorts can head to Bintan Island in the Riau Archipelago, which is near Singapore.


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Nikoi Island Diving

Liveaboard, Indonesia

Due to its pristine hard coral gardens, Nikoi has a diversity of underwater habitat all with their unique plants and animals which includes fringing reefs, mangrove flats, sand flats, rubble patch, sea grass bed, soft coral garden, boulders with swim through and ledges. Regular sightings are turtles, bat fish, seahorses, stingrays, octopus, cuttlefish, and at some instances, puffer fish and starfish.


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Scuba Diving in Thailand

Dive Center, Ko Samui, Thailand

Dive sites in Thailand are a rainbow of colours and teeming with marine life. For “big fish” aficionados, whale sharks, manta rays, leopard sharks and other pelagics are a major draw whilst macro-life such as seahorse, frogfish, ghost pipefish and an array of nudibranch and crustaceans can all be seen amongst the reefs.


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4D3N : Similan Islands Dive

Dive Center, Similan Islands, Thailand

The Similan Islands National Park is situated 85 km north-west of Phuket and 65 km west of Khao Lak. It consists of nine islands known for long white coral sand beaches, crystal blue waters and providing some of the best scenery in Thailand. The islands are home to a huge variety of marine life of which many are rare and endangered species. It is the best place for diving and snorkeling in Thailand and one of the best diving spots in the world.

From Sgd $600 onwards/person

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4D3N : Dive Trip At Vietnam,Nha Trang Marine Park

Dive Center, Vietnam, Nha Trang Marine Park

The many off-shore islands enhance the serenity of the coastal waters and make for a great day out.

From Sgd $1000/person

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4D3N : Bali Scuba Diving Trip

Dive Resort, Bali, Indonesia

One can go for shore dives, or dive at deep drop-offs and steep banks, bommies and coral ridges, wrecks. Muck diving, drift diving, wreck diving are open and available to divers.

From Sgd $700/person

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