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Welcome all to be and are already divers!

ScubaReefing is an online booking service made for divers and interested non-divers.

Advocates for better coral reef conservation

What is ScubaReefing?

Why are we doing this?

We hope to encourage and cultivate an interest in marine conservation and SCUBA enthusiasts in Singapore and around the globe.

Why SCUBA dive?


Scubareefing sources the best diving opportunities from around the globe.
Diving is an activity that requires training, preparation and the willingness to keep up to date with skills and education. It is also an activity that anyone, with the right attitude, can enjoy and partake in.
We understand that part of the excitement and appeal of scuba-diving lies with seredipituous encounters with marine fauna and critters, the excitement of the unknown and the naturally varying conditions which keep you on your toes during a dive.


Making diving more meaningful in the hope of raising awareness and steering efforts towards reef conservation.


Scubareefing believes that divers and non-divers can play a bigger role in reef conservation and would like to make scuba-diving more accessible to everyone.

The Website

This website allows you to discover the best diving opportunities.

As SCUBA diving becomes more accessible, we hope divers will continue to put in conservation effort while enjoying coral reefs in the ocean.

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