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Rental and Storage

Scuba Equipment Rental

Do you need to rent scuba equipment/s for a temporary short dive trip/ dive clean up?

Yet to purchase your own set of scuba dive equipment(s) and require rental for time being?

We've got you covered!

Rent scuba equipment from Scubareefing and be assured that these dive equipment are reliable and still kept in good condition.

One can conduct some random checks before renting or taking away rental scuba equipment for his or her own personal use.

Scuba Equipment(s) Rental Charges
Basic Equipment Description Cost per day
Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) Jacket-type BCD, XXS-XXL $15
Regulator Yoke with 36" octopus and SPG. $15
Wetsuit 3mm Shorty, XXS-XXL $10
Fins Full Foot, US Size 3-13 $12
Mask Framed mask $8
Snorkel With Purge $3
Weight Belt With Plastic Quick-release $4
Lead Weights 2 lbs / 1kg $3/piece

Additional Equipment and Combos
Full Set of Equipment Includes all of Above $40
BCD and Regulator Only Jacket BCD with Regulator $30
Soft Gear Mask, Snorkel, Fins $18
Dive Torch Aropec Candle Dive Torch, excluding 3C sized batteries. $10

Technical Dive Gear Rental Rates

Dive Gear Rental Price Per Day
Jet Fin $10
Backplate $30
Tech Reg Single Tank Setup $30
Tech Reg Double Tank Setup $60
Stage Bottle Reg Setup $10
SMB W Spool $10
Backup Light $15
Primary Light $85
Pool Usage $30
Stage Bottle Rental $20
Twin Tank Rental $35
** Delivery is available at $50 per way (within Singapore Island). 
Delivery timing is from 10.30am to 5.30pm (Mon to Sun).
Any timing before or after the delivery timing will be subjected to a surcharge.
All dive trips includes tank rental and air fills during the entire dive trip. All rates are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
BCD Maintenance

You need to service your power inflator and your alternate air tool as part of the annual maintenance.

This is to prevent your BCD from auto-inflating or leaking when in use.

Plan for your equipment servicing before your next dive now.

RATES FOR BCD Maintenance: BCD Inflator @ SGD 65 Air Source (Air 2) @ SGD 95


We offer quick turn around time of 30 mins!

All battery change service comes with a chamber test ensuring it’s reliability.

All o-rings are checked and changed when necessary.

Equipment servicing has not being any simpler.

RATES FOR DIVE COMPUTER BATTERY CHANGE: Battery change with chamber test @ SGD 85 Transmitter battery change @ SGD 85

REGULATOR Maintenance

Your life support system underwater requires the annual equipment servicing as recommended by manufacturers.
Your regulator set will be maintained using the original service kit.


Regulator set with service kit @ SGD 195 per set

Environmentally sealed regulator @ SGD 55 additional for Oxygen grease

Unserviceable brands / models:

Poseidon, Sherwood SR1 & SR2 , Dacor Enduro Series

We strive to provide all of the rental equipment you may need to make your diving experience a complete success!

If there is something you need and you do not see it listed, please ask -- we can set up a package to fulfill your specific needs!

Tank Rentals And Price per day 
Item Rates / $
Single Tank or Stage Bottle with Air 10
Single Tank or Stage Bottle with 32% Nitrox 15
Stage Bottle with Mix (mix not included) 10
Doubles with Air -- Steel or Aluminum 20
Doubles with 32% Nitrox -- Steel or Aluminum 30


Double / Double Special 

-2 sets of doubles (Steel or Aluminum), includes 32% Nitrox : $50 

Doubles with Mix - Steel / Aluminum (mix not included) : $20

AL40 with 100% Oxygen : $15

AL80 with 50% Nitrox : $15

3L Oxygen and Diluent Bottle set for CCR - (32% and oxygen included) : $35

LP50/8L doubles with Lola Manifold and 3L Oxygen for CCR - (32% and oxygen included) : $45

LP85 RB80 rack + Stage bottle : $60


Other Gears : Price per day

DPV Rental (Rent for 6 days, get the 7th day free!) : $75

Regulator Rental (single, stage, or doubles) : $15

Buoyancy Compensator: Jacket style or Backplate and Wing : $12

Full tech setup (regs, fins, lights, BP/W, 2 sets of doubles) : $100

Wetsuit : $12

Drysuit : $30

Undergarment : $10

Hood : $4

Gaiter Wraps : $4

Booties : $3

Fins (Open Heel or Full Foot) : $6

Mask and Snorkel : $5

Mask, Fins, Snorkel : $10

Scout Light : $6

Primary Light (HID or LED) : $30

Bottom Timer : $6

Dive Flag and Float : $3

Full Setup: 

Open Water : -Reg, BC, Tank w/32%, wetsuit, Fins,

 Booties, Mask, Bottom Timer, Bag : $50


Full Setup: Cave


-Regs, BC, Doubles w/32%, Drysuit,

 Undergarment, Fins, 2 Scouts, Primary Light, 

 Bottom Timer, Gear Bag : $100


Personal Equipment Storage : 


Personal Storage : 

Price per month

1 Crate : $10

DPV : $10

Single Tank : $2.50

Doubles : $5

Gear and DPV storage is completely climate controlled.

*Provided crate is a spacious 31" x 21" x 15" that you may also use to transport your gear during your visit. Multiple crates per person are available.


Additional storage benefits include:

  • Rinse your gear in our fully equipped wash area: you will find a full counter and sink, deep gear soak tub, and hanging area
  • Hang your wet gear to dry in our secure outdoor storage area and we will return your belongings to your storage crate once dry -- never return to stinky, moldy gear again!
  • Call ahead to have tanks filled and ready prior to your arrival
  • Call ahead to request additional a la carte services such as VIP, Hydro, or regulator service in preparation for your return!

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