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Our Surface Interval - Having Fun @ Beach Coastal Waters - Changi Beach Singapore

 Our Surface Interval 

 Do you know that Crabs, like Starfishes or Sea Cucumbers are as precious to the Seas and Oceans as well? 

 They are considered bottom feeders and also filter feeders, help to clear up the filter waste materials of the seas/oceans. 

 So if you are eating crabs then do also know that though crab meat taste sweet and fleshy but crabs are waste filter creatures... 

Where seen? 

These crabs as pale and circular as a full moon are commonly encountered on our Northern shores. They are more active at night and are rarely seen by daytime visitors as they are then often buried in the sediments.


Body somewhat circular with a pair of long spikes on the sides. Pincers short, sturdy, held against the body to form a somewhat box-like shape. All walking legs end in paddle-shaped tips and used to skim along the sea bottom and also like spades to rapidly burrow into the sand. With eight little spades rotating rapidly, the crab disappears into wet sand in an eyeblink. The sturdy pincers grab any edible bits that the crab can handle. 

What do they eat? 

They eat worms, clams and other small animals, foraging more actively at night. A juicy dead fish, however, may lure them out of hiding even during the day.

Human uses: These crabs are eaten in some other countries. 

Status and threats: Our moon crabs are not listed among the threatened animals of Singapore. 

However, like other creatures of the intertidal zone, they are affected by human activities such as reclamation and pollution. 

Trampling by careless visitors also have an impact on local populations.

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