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Scuba Regulator Buying Considerations

1. Ease of Breathing

It takes effort to inhale and exhale through a scuba regulator. 
Effort is needed to overcome resistance. 
Good quality regulators have minimal resistance.
You can compare the performance data for various regs. 

2. Water Temperature 
The water temperature you plan to dive in will determine if you should get an unsealed or sealed regulator.

Unsealed Regulators 
For tropical destinations like the Caribbean, almost any regulator will do. 
An unsealed regulator means that the water can get into the first stage which is totally fine when diving in warm water. 
These models have the main advantage of being cheaper than sealed regulators. 

Sealed Regulators 
If you plan to dive in cold water, you will need a sealed regulator

The reason is because at low temperatures the water could freeze inside the first stage, blocking air flow. 

An environmental seal also keeps salt, sediment, and other contaminants from entering the first stage.

The reason is because at low temperatures the water could freeze inside the first stage, blocking air flow. 

3. DIN or Yoke
There are two different fittings to attach your regulator to the tank: DIN and YOKE. 

DIN Valve
With the DIN system, the regulator is screwed directly into the tank. 
This creates a stronger seal, used a lot by cold water divers.

Yoke Valve
With the yoke valve the regulator is screwed over the tank. 
It’s also called A-clamp and it’s more commonly used all over the world. 
It’s also much easier to screw a regulator into a tank with this type of valve.
If you decide to go for a DIN system, you can get an adapter to use your DIN regulator on a Yoke valve tank. 
This gives you the flexibility to use it with any type of tank valve.

4. Dive Gear Packages 

Buying your whole kit at once instead of getting it piece by piece can save you a lot of time and money. 
Most come with your primary regulator, octi, BCD and submersible pressure gauge. 
Some packages come with computers, regulator bags, trolleys, backpacks or even dive lights. 
There are dive gear packages available to suit beginners and experienced divers. 

Recommended Regulators

Aqua Lung Calypso

The Aqua Lung Calypso Regulator breathes easy and is adjustable at the 2nd stage. It is light weight and comfortable. It offers a great value at a very affordable price.

Atomic M1

Divers say the Atomic M1 regulator provides smooth and natural breathing. Its adjustable second stage prevents free-flows on entry and allows for easy adaptation to your breathing preferences. 

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